Things To Do – Punta Gorda Harbor Tour

So we have friends in town from Illinois and they wanted to do some touristy kind of things. We met at Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda to do a harbor cruise on one of the King Fisher Fleets boats. Its took off at 2pm and I think we stayed out for about an hour and a half or so. We saw pelicans under the Tamiami Bridge on the pylons. No dolphins or other wildlife. So we had lots of time to catch up with our friends as we tooled around the harbor! The captain, who is from Louisiana, was also the narrator. He had an amusing Cajun accent and gave us some of the history of the area of which I can’t remember a single thing. The tour was sparsely populated and we all kind of separated into our little groups and talked amongst ourselves while our history lesson floated off into the sea air! It was pretty though. The sun was shining and glistening off the water. The Sunseeker Resort looked beautiful in all its white splendor. After the harbor tour we went there to eat. That’s a separate review. The sunset tour is supposed to be more popular and I can see that you might see more wildlife at that time of the day. They do have drinks and snacks on board and a bathroom too!

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  1. The King Fleet has a lot of other boat tours. Some are more focused on wild life, some go to a couple islands in the gulf.

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