Things To Do – Six Mile Cyprus Slough Preserve

We’ve driven by many times, but after being here three years we thought it was about time we stopped. We’ve been to Corkscrew Preserve many times, but this one is similar and a lot closer! At Corkscrew we’ve always seen alligators, but we didn’t see any here today even though they have a pond called Alligator Pond. We did see one Wood Duck at Wood Duck Pond. We didn’t see any otters at Otter Pond. We did see Blue Herons, Egrets, Anhingas and heard a lot of other birds, but we didn’t bring our binoculars! Duh! A smart phone camera only goes so far! There were a lot of people with cameras that had huge telephoto lenses on them, so bring something that can get you close. We did see a Copperhead snake on the ground by the trail. Its a good thing the trail is all boardwalk that’s up several feet off the ground. There’s lots of interesting fauna. Water in the ponds is so clear you can see the fish swimming. Sorry guys, NO FISHING!

You can get a guided tour I think on Wednesdays at 9am and there are other tours. Click here for their website. There’s an air conditioned visitor center that is nice to go into after your walk to cool down. There are interesting displays that are good for the kids (and me too!). I got a little crazy with the pics. This is only half of them. Hope you enjoy!