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My wife and I have had several people visit us over the past few years that we’ve lived in Alva. The people that came to visit us this June are my wife’s brother’s daughter and grand daughter. So we’re the Uncle and Aunt. Doesn’t sound too complicated, but they are from Japan and have lived in Singapore and Hong Kong and are now living in Las Vegas for the past eight years. The grand daughter is 17 and is just like any American teenager. She’s cute, runs track, has a boyfriend, wants to be a dermatologist and speaks perfect English. The daughter (her mother) is also cute and is a pastry chef at a large hotel in Vegas and is part of the team that designs and creates exquisite chocolate themed masterpieces of art! Incredible stuff! She talks with a strong accent, so you have to listen carefully sometimes. We sat down together when they arrived to put together an itinerary that appealed to everyone.

So here’s what we did! The first day was Friday and they got in late in the afternoon. So we took them to Babcock Ranch for food truck night and music. We brought our chairs and sat down to listen to the music while we waited for the food truck to prepare our tacos. Suddenly the mother gets up and goes to Babcock Lake to take some pictures. I asked the daughter what’s up with that. She said they don’t have any lakes nearby in Vegas and wanted to take some pictures of it! I said, well good news, you’re going to see lots of water this trip!

When we got back home from Babcock, we figured out the rest of the itinerary. So the next day we did the Babcock Eco Tour, had brunch at Blossom and Brie and then later on we went to downtown Ft Myers.

Babcock Ranch Eco Tour

Blossom and Brie Farm to Table Restaurant

Downtown Ft Myers

Sunday’s main focus was a family barbecue at Adele’s sister’s house in Venice. Since our guests wanted to go to the beach, we thought we’d go early and hit Venice Beach. It was a bright sun shiny day. By the time we got to the BBQ it was hot and humid. And sitting in the lanai eating and drinking took a lot out of us! By the time we got back home I was in a coma! I sat down in my chair and fell asleep. Adele and the daughter went to the Amenity Center for a workout and the pool! Thank god the pool reopened!

Monday was Shopping Day!

Although today’s main focus was shopping, we started out the day at Six Mile Cyprus Slough for a little nature walk. Then we went to Ft Myers Beach and Margaritaville just to see that. I then went down the road through the island and ended up coming back to Tamiami Trail just south of Coconut Point Mall. We ate at Tommy Bahamas then the girls did some shopping. When they were done, we headed to Mirormar Outlet Mall for more shopping. Adele and I waited in Norman Love’s chocolate shop while they shopped. I must have ate around 4,000 calories of food and coffee while waiting!

Six Mile Cypress Slough

Ft Myers Beach, Margaritaville

Coconut Point Mall, Tommy Bahamas, Mirormar Mall

Whenever we had spare time while at home I had everyone paint a fish to add to my “dry aquarium” on our lanai. I think mine came in a distant 3rd! The next day, we drove up to Venice to deliver our guests to their next stop, Adele’s sister’s house. On the way, we stopped at Fishermen’s Village to do a little more shopping. All in all, I think a pretty good time was had by all (at least that’s what I think!). Hopefully, the rain in the coming few days won’t put too much of a damper on their fun! Looking forward to their next visit!

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  1. What a great time! You have us more ideas of what to do when we have guests visiting us.

  2. I think you need to share a picture of your dry aquarium.

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